Bonjour les Profs de français!

It is time to start building enthusiasm among your students for le Grand Concours, the National French contest which will occur February through March 2015.   In my role as contest administrator for the Ohio chapter, I strongly encourage you to interest your students in participation in this low-cost, no-failure competition.  Recognition, certificates, and awards are given at the National and Chapter levels, plus this is a good « extra-curricular » for students to include on their National Honor Society and/or college applications.

My mailings to you will be via e-mail in order to save money and time, and all forms can be found right here.

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concours15orderform Word format

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2015-cses-template-page-1 PDF format

CES spreadsheet

For additional information on eligibility, divisions, and levels, please go to the AATF web site.  You will also find information on obtaining practice tests and CD’s.  Here’s the link:

NOW is the time to start the scheduling process for giving the tests in your own school building.

Please remember that YOU, the French teacher, are not allowed to give the test nor to receive it when it is sent to your building.  Please line up a guidance counselor or administrator to handle ALL of the testing process, including sending the answer sheets to the Scoring Center.

Deadlines will be enforced this year and the time frame for giving the tests is not negotiable.

The FLES contest dates are February 14-28, 2015

and the Middle School/Secondary Contest dates are February 21 – March 22, 2015.


All level 01-5 answer sheets must be received at the scoring center by March 28, 2015, so please keep these deadlines in mind and look at your calendar now.  I know that there are problems in March with OGT’s and Spring break, so schedule carefully.


Speaking of deadlines, if you have not joined or renewed your membership in AATF, act Now! If you are not an AATF member, the cost to each student participating in le Grand Concours is double that of members’ students.  So, join or renew today!


You surely have many questions about le Grand Concours and I encourage you to address your inquiries to me via e-mail if you cannot find the information you need from the above web site.  I may not know the answers, but I will do my best to find out and answer you in a timely manner.  Thank you for your help and support.


Vive le Grand Concours!

Samantha Stewart, Contest Administrator – Ohio Chapter




*If you would like to practice and review for Le grand Concours, , Presented by Tralco-Lingo Fun in association with the American Association of Teachers of French, has a website for you.  Portions of the fees to access this website are used to fund the research for and creation of upcoming years’ editions of Le Grand Concours.
* is an online version of Le Grand Concours – the program that tests French students on their ability to place language in context and their listening and reading comprehension. The format is multiple choice. Users will have access to all 6 levels (01-5). The test includes the Language in Context, Reading and from 2009, Listening Comprehension portions of the test. Based on questions from prior years’ contests, users will have over 1,000 questions from which they will be tested and marked.