* Voucher In 2015: We will waive the national fees of any new AATF member for up to ten students who joins by January 1, 2015. Ten students (@$1.50 ‐ $15.00) will be augmented by a CD of the teacher’s choice ($6.00).  Total voucher value: $21.00. In addition, in 2015, for an AATF member who recruits a new member we will waive the national fee for 5 TEST BOOKLETS. AATF currently has a two for one promotion: a member who recruits two new AATF members will receive a free AATF membership for one year. If a teacher recruits two new members, he or she is eligible to receive 10 free test booklets AND have AATF membership paid for one year – this is up to a $71.50 value! *NOTE: Chapters may decide whether or not to charge local fees.


Please note the procedure for 2015:

If you have multiple French teachers in your building, please designate one person as the « contact »

Print out one order form per building and fill it in completely.

Click here to download the concours15orderform Word format



Click here to download the concours15orderformPDF format


Each teacher may complete the CSES form for his/her own students.

Click here to download the 2015-cses-template-page-1 Word format:


Click here to download the 2015-cses-template-page-1 format :


Click here to download the CES spreadsheet

–Again, there should be ONE order form per school, but each individual teacher must fill out his/her own CSES form.

–Fees this year include:  $1.65 per participant for AATF members’ students ($3.30 per participant for non-members’ students); $6.00 per CD;

MAIL the forms and check to Samantha Stewart no later than:

January 15, 2015.

The check should be made out to « Ohio Chapter, AATF »

Please make sure that you mail your forms and check by January 15, 2015.

My address is:

Samantha Stewart, Contest Administrator

772 D Wisteria Dr.
Troy, OH 45373



In case you have not done so already, you can find specifications for the 2015 Contest on the national web site:  http://www.frenchteachers.org/concours/

On the National site given above, you will also find important information concerning eligibility and placement.  Please read this information carefully so you will enter your students in the proper category.

I hope that you have already reserved the dates when you plan to conduct the Contest and have arranged with a neutral party to administer the tests.  Please remember that you are NOT allowed to receive the materials, administer the tests, nor send in the answer sheets.

Dates for the FLES contest are February 14-28.  Dates for the Middle School/Secondary School contests are February 21 – March 22.  Keep in mind that the FLES answer sheets must be received at the Scoring Center by March 7th, and the Middle/Secondary answer sheets must be received at the Scoring Center by March 28.

If you still have not renewed your AATF membership or if you have not joined as of yet, please do so immediately!  Membership information can be found on the National web site: http://www.frenchteachers.org

Again, I strongly encourage you to have your students participate in le Grand Concours.  Traditionally, many students in Ohio receive National and Chapter awards and we do have a great number of topnotch programs and great students from which to draw.  If you have questions about the Contest, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.  Please continue to watch for further updates and reminders via OFLA ListServhttp://www.ofla-online.org/index.php/ofla-listserv/83-ofla-listserv-instructions, and let’s get going on motivating our students to participate in this National contest. Allons-y!

Samantha Stewart, Contest Administrator